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squat and makes you breathe deeply like if I have something written on my shirt and I'm looking in the mirror I want to be able to read it was written on your shirt so left and right make sure you open up those wrists in line and then chest down up make sure you're looking at a spot six to eight inches in front of you four and five and guess what our next move is burpees so five burpees and we're going to do a beginner modification so the beginner is going to be a little easier put your hands down bring your left in your right foot back your left in a right foot forward and stand up make sure to push your hips through and squeeze your glutes that's one and don't worry all of my advanc KeKeto Diet  e people I'll give you a few more options later in the video so give me two more and this is also the best thing about 20 minutes as many rounds as possible workout back to 5 squats and if you're a beginner you don't necessarily have to go as deep but just make 


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