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If I couldn't get that agreement from a client, which would be rare, I wouldn't be able to work with that client. I would have to refer him to another service. I do not tell him that if he doesn't agree to it, that they will be referred to someone else. So who do you refer him to? You've got somebody who is ready to jump off the bridge, but he won't agree to the Memory Hack  contract. If he said that he is going to jump and won't go to hospital, I'll involve the police for intervention. If he just has suicidal ideas and is not willing to make the contract, I would see him as a highly manipulative client. I wouldn't be able to work with that person anyway. I'd recommend he approach his family doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist. Do you ever get a client just using suicide as an excuse to call you about any other area that he has difficulty with? If he makes a statement that he is going to commit suicide or feels suicidal, I'll take it at face value. How do you know what his final intention will be? Even if it's a manipulative way of getting attention, I will still see him as feeling desperate and treat it as a serious intention.


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