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The Quantum Scale is just one of these new Fast Burn Extreme  designed to keep dieters motivated to shed all of the excess weight. Rather than quick fix, the Quantum Scale is touted as an effective weight loss tool. Step on the scale and it only displays your progress rather than your current weight. The premise is an interesting one. Health and wellness experts claim that maintaining a positive outlook is important in achieving weight loss goals. The idea here is to remove the negative psychological stimulus (i.e., the current number on the scale that you don't like!) to replace it with positive feedback on how much you have accomplished.The Quantum Scale claims to increase motivation and remove fear and shame around weight. It is definitely easy to see how seeing -3 pounds is much more motivating than seeing a number that reminds you that you still have 25 more pounds to lose. Even if you lose 0.1 pounds from one day to the next that loss registers on the scale.



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