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ADHD being misdiagnosed is a hot topicMeridian Health Protocolamong parents and teachers these days. Statistics say that any given elementary classroom will have one to three ADHD students. This is overwhelming for parents and teachers who deal with the effects of ADHD in the classroom, on the playground, and in the home. But are these statistics accurate, or are they due to misdiagnosis?

 When a child is overly active, can't pay attention, and doesn't listen well, there is a trend in our nation that causes parents, teachers, and even doctors to jump to ADHD as the root cause of the problem. Whether ADHD being misdiagnosed is because it is a very publicized condition, because it is easily medicated, or because there actually are more children now who have ADHD than there were thirty years ago, this is a real problem.

 One solution to the problem of this disorder being misdiagnosed lies in education. Many teachers and parents are unaware of other conditions and disabilities that may look like ADHD on the surface, and educating these people about these other conditions may help them separate the real cases of ADHD from the other conditions masquerading as ADHD. 


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