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exhale frame your left foot with both of your hands lift your right knee off the ground step your right foot up to meet your left inhale to half-lift pull out all the kinks exhale fold breathe in your forward fold well at the top of your head reach for the ground fill up the backs of your lungs that space right between your shoulder blades and as you're ready slowly begin to bend into your knees don't worry we're done with chair pose you're going to come to sit all the way down on your mat to stretch out we're going to take baddha konasana bound angle pose so take the soles of your feet together widen your knees grab the tops of your feet and bring your thumbs to the big toe ball mound of your foot so now you can keep the soles of your feet together or if you want to go a little further you can open them out like a little book almost as if you are looking at the bottoms of your feet what this does is gives your inner hips a signal to open a little bit further it's totally up to you lift KeKeto Diet   your heart flatten your back take a deep breath in here and then exhale just fold it doesn't have to be a deep fold you're thinking about reaching your heart past your toes so what this is doing is keeping your low back long keeping your spine relatively flat you can relax your head whenever you find a comfortable place and then if you want what I like to do sometimes is use my elbows to open my knees a little bit earlier if you want more of a stretch you can 


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